Experimental: これは実験的な機能です。

The OffscreenCanvas.getContext() method returns a drawing context for an offscreen canvas, or null if the context identifier is not supported.

Note: This API is currently implemented for WebGL1 and WebGL2 (en-US) contexts only. See バグ 801176 for Canvas 2D API support from workers.


offscreen.getContext(contextType, contextAttributes);



Is a DOMString containing the context identifier defining the drawing context associated to the canvas. Possible values are:

Note: The identifiers "experimental-webgl" or "experimental-webgl2" are also used in implementations of WebGL. These implementations have not reached test suite conformance, or the graphic drivers situation on the platform is not yet stable. The Khronos Group certifies WebGL implementations under certain conformance rules.


You can use several context attributes when creating your rendering context, for example:

                 { antialias: false,
                   depth: false });

2d context attributes:

  • alpha: Boolean that indicates if the canvas contains an alpha channel. If set to false, the browser now knows that the backdrop is always opaque, which can speed up drawing of transparent content and images then.
  • Non-standard (Gecko only) willReadFrequently: Boolean that indicates whether or not a lot of read-back operations are planned. This will force the use of a software (instead of hardware accelerated) 2D canvas and can save memory when calling getImageData() (en-US) frequently. This option is only available, if the flag gfx.canvas.willReadFrequently.enable is set to true (which, by default, is only the case for B2G/Firefox OS).
  • Non-standard (Blink only) storage: String that indicates which storage is used ("persistent" by default).

WebGL context attributes:

  • alpha: Boolean that indicates if the canvas contains an alpha buffer.
  • depth: Boolean that indicates that the drawing buffer has a depth buffer of at least 16 bits.
  • stencil: Boolean that indicates that the drawing buffer has a stencil buffer of at least 8 bits.
  • antialias: Boolean that indicates whether or not to perform anti-aliasing.
  • premultipliedAlpha: Boolean that indicates that the page compositor will assume the drawing buffer contains colors with pre-multiplied alpha.
  • preserveDrawingBuffer: If the value is true the buffers will not be cleared and will preserve their values until cleared or overwritten by the author.
  • failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat: Boolean that indicates if a context will be created if the system performance is low.


A RenderingContext which is either a

If the contextType doesn't match a possible drawing context, null is returned.

var offscreen = new OffscreenCanvas(256, 256);
var gl = offscreen.getContext("webgl");

gl; // WebGLRenderingContext
gl.canvas; // OffscreenCanvas


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HTML Living Standard
OffscreenCanvas.getContext() の定義


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