XRSession: preferredReflectionFormat property

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The read-only preferredReflectionFormat property of the XRSession interface returns this session's preferred reflection format used for lighting estimation texture data.


A string representing the reflection format. Possible values:

XRReflectionFormat WebGL Format WebGL Internal Format WebGPU Format HDR
"srgba8" RGBA SRGB8_ALPHA8 "rgba8unorm-srgb"
"rgba16f" RGBA RGBA16F "rgba16float"


Requesting a light probe with the system's preferred format

You can request a light probe with XRSession.requestLightProbe() and specify the system's preferred format by setting the reflectionFormat option equal to XRSession.preferredReflectionFormat.

const lightProbe = await xrSession.requestLightProbe({
  reflectionFormat: xrSession.preferredReflectionFormat,


WebXR Lighting Estimation API Level 1
# dom-xrsession-preferredreflectionformat

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