XRSession: squeezeend event

The WebXR event squeezeend is sent to an XRSession when one of its input sources ends its primary action or when an input source that's in the process of handling an ongoing primary action is disconnected without successfully completing the action.

Primary squeeze actions include things like users pressing triggers or buttons, tapping a touchpad, speaking a command, or performing a recognizable gesture when using a video tracking system or handheld controller with an accelerometer.

Bubbles Yes
Cancelable No
Interface XRInputSourceEvent
Event handler property onsqueezeend

For details on how the squeezestart, squeeze, and squeezeend events work, and how you should react to them, see Primary squeeze actions in Inputs and input sources.


See squeezestart_event for example code.


WebXR Device API
# eventdef-xrsession-squeezeend

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