The read-only domOverlayState property of an immersive-ar XRSession provides information about the DOM overlay, if the feature is enabled.


Returns null if the DOM overlay feature is not supported or not enabled or an object containing information about the DOM overlay state with the following properties:


A string indicating how the DOM overlay is being displayed. Possible values:

  • screen: the overlay is drawn on the entire screen-based device (for handheld AR devices).
  • head-locked: the overlay is drawn at a head-locked UI that fills the renderable viewport and follows the user's head movement.
  • floating: the overlay appears as a rectangle floating in space that's kept in front of the user. It doesn't necessarily fill up the entire space and/or is strictly head-locked.


Checking which DOM overlay got enabled

if (session.domOverlayState) {
} else {
  console.log("DOM overlay not supported or enabled!");


WebXR DOM Overlays Module
# dom-xrsession-domoverlaystate

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