XRInputSourceArray: forEach() method

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The XRInputSourceArray method forEach() executes the specified callback once for each input source in the array, starting at index 0 and progressing until the end of the list.


forEach(callback, thisArg)



A function to execute once for each entry in the array xrInputSourceArray. The callback accepts up to three parameters:


A XRInputSource object which is the value of the item from within the xrInputSourceArray which is currently being processed.

currentIndex Optional

An integer value providing the index into the array at which the element given by currentValue is located. If you don't need to know the index number, you can omit this.

sourceList Optional

The XRInputSourceArray object which is being processed. If you don't need this information, you may omit this.

thisArg Optional

The value to be used for this while executing the callback. Note that if you use arrow function notation (=>) to provide the callback, you can omit thisArg, since all arrow functions lexically bind this.

Return value



This example snippet gets the list of inputs for a session and tries to handle each type of input device it supports using.

let inputSources = xrSession.inputSources;

inputSources.forEach((input) => {
  if (input.gamepad) {
  } else if (
    input.targetRayMode === "tracked-pointer" &&
    input.handedness === player.handedness
  ) {
    /* Handle main hand controller */
  } else {
    /* Handle other inputs */

For each input in the list, the callback dispatches gamepad inputs to a checkGamepad() with the input's Gamepad object, taken from its gamepad property, as an input

For other devices, we look for tracked-pointer devices in the player's main hand, dispatching those to a handleMainHandInput() method.


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