XRInputSourceArray: keys() method

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The keys() method in the XRInputSourceArray interface returns a JavaScript iterator which can then be used to iterate over the keys used to reference each item in the array of input sources.





Return value

A JavaScript iterator that can be used to walk through the keys for each entry in the list of input sources. The values returned by the iterator are the indexes of each entry in the list; that is, the numbers 0, 1, 2, and so forth through the index of the last item in the list.


This example snippet gets the list of inputs for a session and tries to handle each type of input device it supports using.

for (const inputIdx of xrSession.inputSources.keys()) {
  /* the keys are the indexes into the list of inputs */

Here, for...of is used to iterate over each of the keys. For each key, the input is retrieved using the index with array notation: xrSession.inputSources[inputIdx].


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