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The XRInputSourceArray method  values() returns a JavaScript iterator that can walk over the list of XRInputSource objects contained in the array, from first to last.





Return value

A JavaScript iterator that can be used to walk through the list of XRInputSource objects in the array, starting with the first entry (at index 0) and proceeding straight through the list.


This example snippet walks through each input and calls the function checkInput()  with each returned value.

for (const source of xrSession.inputSources.values()) {

Here, for...of is used to iterate over the array's contents. Each pass through the loop, source is the next XRInputSource in the list. The loop exits once every input has been delivered to checkInput().


Specification Status Comment
WebXR Device API
The definition of 'XRInputSourceArray' in that specification.
(See [1])
Working Draft XRInputSourceArray interface

[1] See Iterator-like methods in Information contained in a WebIDL file for information on how an iterable declaration in an interface definition causes entries(), forEach(), keys(), and values() methods to be exposed from objects that implement the interface.

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