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The XRLightEstimate interface of the WebXR Device API provides the estimated lighting values for an XRLightProbe at the time represented by an XRFrame.

To get an XRLightEstimate object, call the XRFrame.getLightEstimate() method.

Instance properties

XRLightEstimate.primaryLightDirection Read only Experimental

A DOMPointReadOnly representing the direction to the primary light source from the probeSpace of an XRLightProbe.

XRLightEstimate.primaryLightIntensity Read only Experimental

A DOMPointReadOnly (with the x, y, z values mapped to RGB) representing the intensity of the primary light source from the probeSpace of an XRLightProbe.

XRLightEstimate.sphericalHarmonicsCoefficients Read only Experimental

A Float32Array containing 9 spherical harmonics coefficients.

Instance methods



Getting an XRLightProbe object

First, use the XRSession.requestLightProbe() method to get a light probe from a session. Then, within an XRFrame loop, the getLightEstimate() method will return a XRLightEstimate object containing the lighting values for each frame.

const lightProbe = await xrSession.requestLightProbe();

// frame loop
function onXRFrame(time, xrFrame) {
  let lightEstimate = xrFrame.getLightEstimate(lightProbe);

  // Use light estimate data to light the scene

  // Available properties


WebXR Lighting Estimation API Level 1
# xrlightestimate-interface

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