XRFrame: createAnchor() method

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The createAnchor() method of the XRFrame interface creates a free-floating XRAnchor which will be fixed relative to the real world.

See XRHitTestResult.createAnchor() for creating an anchor from a hit test result that is attached to a real-world object.


createAnchor(pose, space)



An XRRigidTransform object with the initial pose where the anchor should be created. The system will make sure that the relationship with the physical world made at this moment in time is maintained as the tracking system's understanding of the world evolves.


An XRSpace object the pose is relative to.

Return value

A Promise resolving to an XRAnchor object.


Creating an anchor

frame.createAnchor(anchorPose, referenceSpace).then(
  (anchor) => {
    // Do stuff with the anchor (assign objects that will be relative to this anchor)
  (error) => {
    console.error(`Could not create anchor: ${error}`);


WebXR Anchors Module
# dom-xrframe-createanchor

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