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The LaunchParams interface is used when implementing custom launch navigation handling in a PWA. When window.launchQueue.setConsumer() is invoked to set up the launch navigation handling functionality, the callback function inside setConsumer() is passed a LaunchParams object instance.

Instance properties

LaunchParams.files Read only Experimental

Returns a read-only array of FileSystemHandle objects representing any files passed along with the launch navigation via the POST method.

LaunchParams.targetURL Read only Experimental

Returns the target URL of the launch.


if ('launchQueue' in window) {
  window.launchQueue.setConsumer(launchParams => {
    if (launchParams.targetURL) {
      const params = new URL(launchParams.targetURL).searchParams;

      // Assuming a music player app that gets a track passed to it to be played
      const track = params.get('track');
      if (track) {
        audio.src = track;
        title.textContent = new URL(track).pathname.substr(1);;


Web App Launch Handler API
# launchparams-interface

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