The NavigatorConcurrentHardware mixin adds to the Navigator interface features which allow Web content to determine how many logical processors the user has available, in order to let content and Web apps optimize their operations to best take advantage of the user's CPU.

Nota: Esta característica está disponible en Web Workers

The number of logical processor cores is a way to measure the number of threads which can effectively be run at once without them having to share CPUs. Modern computers have multiple physical cores in their CPU (two or four cores is typical), but each physical core is also usually able to run more than one thread at a time using advanced scheduling techniques. So a four-core CPU may return 8. The browser may, however, choose to reduce the number in order to represent more accurately the number of Workers that can run at once


Returns the number of logical processors which may be available to the user agent. This value is always at least 1, and will be 1 if the actual number of logical processors can't be determined.


The NavigatorConcurrentHardware mixin has no methods.


Specification Status Comment
HTML Living Standard
La definición de 'NavigatorConcurrentHardware' en esta especificación.
Living Standard Initial definition.

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