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This feature is not Baseline because it does not work in some of the most widely-used browsers.

The mediaSession read-only property of the Navigator interface returns a MediaSession object that can be used to share with the browser metadata and other information about the current playback state of media being handled by a document.

This information may, in turn, be shared with the device and/or operating system in order to a device's standard media control user experience to describe and control the playback of the media.

In addition, the MediaSession interface provides the setActionHandler() method, which lets you receive events when the user engages device controls such as either onscreen or physical play, pause, seek, and other similar controls. An internet radio app, for example, can use setActionHandler() to let the media controls on a keyboard or elsewhere on the user's device be used to control the app's media playback.


A MediaSession object the current document can use to share information about media it's playing and its current playback status. This information can include typical metadata such as the title, artist, and album name of the song being played as well as potentially one or more images containing things like album art, artist photos, and so forth.


In this example, metadata is submitted to the mediaSession object. Note that the code begins by ensuring that the navigator.mediaSession property is available before attempting to use it.

if ("mediaSession" in navigator) {
  navigator.mediaSession.metadata = new MediaMetadata({
    title: "Podcast Episode Title",
    artist: "Podcast Host",
    album: "Podcast Name",
    artwork: [{ src: "podcast.jpg" }],


Media Session
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