DOMTokenList: remove() method

The remove() method of the DOMTokenList interface removes the specified tokens from the list.


remove(token1, token2)
remove(token1, token2, /* … ,*/ tokenN)


token1, …, tokenN

A string representing the token you want to remove from the list. If the string is not in the list, no error is thrown, and nothing happens.

Return value

None (undefined).


In the following example we retrieve the list of classes set on a <span> element as a DOMTokenList using Element.classList. We then remove a token from the list, and write the list into the <span>'s Node.textContent.

First, the HTML:

<div id="ab" class="a b c"></div>
<div id="a" class="a b c"></div>

Now the JavaScript:

const span = document.getElementById("ab");
const classes = span.classList;
span.textContent = classes;

To remove multiple classes at once, you can supply multiple tokens. The order you supply the tokens doesn't have to match the order they appear in the list:

const span2 = document.getElementById("a");
const classes2 = span2.classList;

classes2.remove("c", "b");
span2.textContent = classes2;

The output looks like this:


DOM Standard
# ref-for-dom-domtokenlist-remove①

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