DOMTokenList: item() method

The item() method of the DOMTokenList interface returns an item in the list, determined by its position in the list, its index.

Note: This method is equivalent as the bracket notation. So aList.item(i) is the same as aList[i].





A number representing the index of the item you want to return. If it isn't an integer, only the integer part is considered.

Return value

A string representing the returned item, or null if the number is greater than or equal to the length of the list.



Thrown if the index cannot be converted to an integer.


In the following example we retrieve the list of classes set on a <span> element as a DOMTokenList using Element.classList. We then retrieve the last item in the list using item(tokenList.length - 1), and write it into the <span>'s Node.textContent.

First, the HTML:

<span class="a b c"></span>

Now the JavaScript:

const span = document.querySelector("span");
const classes = span.classList;
const item = classes.item(classes.length - 1);
span.textContent = item;

The output looks like this:


DOM Standard
# ref-for-dom-domtokenlist-item①

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