AudioTrackList: length property

The read-only AudioTrackList property length returns the number of entries in the AudioTrackList, each of which is an AudioTrack representing one audio track in the media element. A value of 0 indicates that there are no audio tracks in the media.


A number indicating how many audio tracks are included in the AudioTrackList. Each track can be accessed by treating the AudioTrackList as an array of objects of type AudioTrack.


This snippet gets the number of audio tracks in the first <video> element found in the DOM by querySelector().

const videoElem = document.querySelector("video");
let numAudioTracks = 0;

if (videoElem.audioTracks) {
  numAudioTracks = videoElem.audioTracks.length;

Note that this sample checks to be sure HTMLMediaElement.audioTracks is defined, to avoid failing on browsers without support for AudioTrack.


HTML Standard
# dom-audiotracklist-length-dev

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