AbortSignal: abort event

The abort event of the AbortSignal is fired when the associated request is aborted, i.e. using AbortController.abort().


Use the event name in methods like addEventListener(), or set an event handler property.

addEventListener('abort', event => { })

onabort = event => { }

Event type

A generic Event with no added properties.


In the following snippets, we create a new AbortController object, and get its AbortSignal (available using the signal property). Later on we check whether or not the signal has been aborted using an event handler property,

You can detect the abort event using an addEventListener method:

var controller = new AbortController();
var signal = controller.signal;

signal.addEventListener('abort', () => { console.log('Request aborted'); });

Or use the onabort event handler property:

var controller = new AbortController();
var signal = controller.signal;

signal.onabort = () => { console.log('Request aborted'); };


DOM Standard
# eventdef-abortsignal-abort
DOM Standard
# abortsignal-onabort

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