AbortSignal: timeout() static method

Note: This feature is available in Web Workers.

The AbortSignal.timeout() static method returns an AbortSignal that will automatically abort after a specified time.

The signal aborts with a TimeoutError DOMException on timeout, or with AbortError DOMException due to pressing a browser stop button (or some other inbuilt "stop" operation). This allows UIs to differentiate timeout errors, which typically require user notification, from user-triggered aborts that do not.

The timeout is based on active rather than elapsed time, and will effectively be paused if the code is running in a suspended worker, or while the document is in a back-forward cache ("bfcache").

To combine multiple signals, you can use AbortSignal.any(), for example, to directly abort a download using either a timeout signal or by calling AbortController.abort().





The "active" time in milliseconds before the returned AbortSignal will abort.

Return value

An AbortSignal.

The signal will abort with its AbortSignal.reason property set to a TimeoutError DOMException on timeout, or an AbortError DOMException if the operation was user-triggered.


Below is a simple example showing a fetch operation that will timeout if unsuccessful after 5 seconds. Note that this may also fail if the method is not supported, if a browser "stop" button is pressed, or for another reason.

const url = "https://path_to_large_file.mp4";

try {
  const res = await fetch(url, { signal: AbortSignal.timeout(5000) });
  const result = await res.blob();
  // …
} catch (err) {
  if (err.name === "TimeoutError") {
    console.error("Timeout: It took more than 5 seconds to get the result!");
  } else if (err.name === "AbortError") {
      "Fetch aborted by user action (browser stop button, closing tab, etc.",
  } else if (err.name === "TypeError") {
    console.error("AbortSignal.timeout() method is not supported");
  } else {
    // A network error, or some other problem.
    console.error(`Error: type: ${err.name}, message: ${err.message}`);


DOM Standard
# ref-for-dom-abortsignal-timeout①

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