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    HTML developer guide

    HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the core language of nearly all Web content. Most of what you see on screen in your browser is described, fundamentally, using HTML. More precisely, HTML is the language that describes the structure and the semantic content of a Web document.

    The articles listed below provide guides that will help you use HTML to its fullest potential.


    Canvas Tutorial
    This tutorial describes how to use the <canvas> element to draw 2D graphics, starting with the basics. The examples provided should give you some clear ideas what you can do with canvas and will provide code snippets that may get you started in building your own content.
    Einführung in HTML
    This article provides an introduction to HTML. If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in your web browser, this article is the place to start learning.
    Sections and Outlines of an HTML5 Document
    The HTML5 specification brings several new elements to web developers allowing them to describe the structure of a web document with


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    standard semantics. This document describes these elements and how to use them to define the desired outline for any document.

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