<big>: Elemento para deixar o texto maio

The obsolete HTML Big Element (<big>) renders the enclosed text at a font size one level larger than the surrounding text (medium becomes large, for example). The size is capped at the browser's maximum permitted font size.

Note: Usage note: As it was purely presentational, this element has been removed in HTML5 and shouldn't be used anymore. Instead web developers should use the CSS font-size property to adjust the font size.


This element has no other attributes than the global attributes, common to all elements.


Here we see examples showing the use of <big> followed by an example showing how to accomplish the same results using modern CSS syntax instead.

Usando <big>

Este elemento usa o comando <big> para aumentar o tamanho do texto. O elemento é obsoleto, porém aceitável em todos os navegadores.


  Este é o primeiro texto.
  <big>Este texto usa big para ficar com a aparência maior.</big>


Using CSS font-size

This example uses the CSS font-size property to increase the font size by one level.


.bigger {
  font-size: larger;


  This is the first sentence.
  <span class="bigger">This whole sentence is in bigger letters.</span>


DOM interface

This element implements the HTMLElement interface.

Note: Implementation note: Up to Gecko 1.9.2 inclusive, Firefox implements the HTMLSpanElement interface for this element.

Compatibilidade com navegadores

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