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  • Creating a mobile app from a simple HTML site: Part 2

    Or: Making our simple app work for others In the first part of this series, which began late last year, we worked through the process of developing a school planner app. At this point (see the final code from Part 1) we’ve got multiple school plans displayed at once, and ...

  • Drag Elements, Console History, and more – Firefox Developer Edition 39

    Quite a few big new features, improvements, and bug fixes made their way into Firefox Developer Edition 39. Update your Firefox Developer Edition, or Nightly builds to try them out! Inspector The Inspector now allows you to move elements around via drag and drop. Click and hold on an element ...

  • Mobile game development with the Device Orientation and Vibration APIs

    The market for casual mobile gaming is keeping pace with the growing market for smartphones. There are Web tools that can help web developers like you build games that compete with native games. You’ll need great execution to stand out from the crowd – using the JavaScript APIs correctly can ...

  • Trainspotting: Firefox 37, Developer Edition and More

    Welcome to Trainspotting, a new series on Mozilla Hacks designed to help the busy Web developer keep up with what’s new, what’s changed and what is coming soon in all of the Firefoxes, the Web platform, and the tools for building the Web! Mozilla develops Gecko and Firefox on a ...

  • Peering Through the WebRTC Fog with SocketPeer

    WebRTC allows browsers to do things they never could before, but a soup of unfamiliar terminology and the complexity of the API makes for a steep learning curve. After spending several weeks neck-deep in example code and cargo-culting several libraries, I have emerged with a workable understanding and a nifty ...

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