The SVG <text> element draws a graphics element consisting of text. It's possible to apply a gradient, pattern, clipping path, mask, or filter to <text>, like any other SVG graphics element.

If text is included in SVG not inside of a <text> element, it is not rendered. This is different than being hidden by default, as setting the display property won't show the text.



<svg viewBox="0 0 240 80" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg">
    .small {
      font: italic 13px sans-serif;
    .heavy {
      font: bold 30px sans-serif;

    /* Note that the color of the text is set with the    *
     * fill property, the color property is for HTML only */
    .Rrrrr {
      font: italic 40px serif;
      fill: red;

  <text x="20" y="35" class="small">My</text>
  <text x="40" y="35" class="heavy">cat</text>
  <text x="55" y="55" class="small">is</text>
  <text x="65" y="55" class="Rrrrr">Grumpy!</text>



The x coordinate of the starting point of the text baseline. Value type: <length>|<percentage> ; Default value: 0; Animatable: yes


The y coordinate of the starting point of the text baseline. Value type: <length>|<percentage> ; Default value: 0; Animatable: yes


Shifts the text position horizontally from a previous text element. Value type: <length>|<percentage> ; Default value: none; Animatable: yes


Shifts the text position vertically from a previous text element. Value type: <length>|<percentage> ; Default value: none; Animatable: yes


Rotates orientation of each individual glyph. Can rotate glyphs individually. Value type: <list-of-number> ; Default value: none; Animatable: yes


How the text is stretched or compressed to fit the width defined by the textLength attribute. Value type: spacing|spacingAndGlyphs; Default value: spacing; Animatable: yes


A width that the text should be scaled to fit. Value type: <length>|<percentage> ; Default value: none; Animatable: yes

Global attributes

Core Attributes

Most notably: id, tabindex

Styling Attributes
class, style, font-family, font-size, font-size-adjust, font-stretch, font-style, font-variant, font-weight
Conditional Processing Attributes

Most notably: requiredExtensions, systemLanguage

Event Attributes

Global event attributes, Graphical event attributes

Presentation Attributes

Most notably: clip-path, clip-rule, color, color-interpolation, color-rendering, cursor, display, dominant-baseline, fill, fill-opacity, fill-rule, filter, mask, opacity, pointer-events, shape-rendering, stroke, stroke-dasharray, stroke-dashoffset, stroke-linecap, stroke-linejoin, stroke-miterlimit, stroke-opacity, stroke-width, text-anchor, transform, vector-effect, visibility

Aria Attributes

aria-activedescendant, aria-atomic, aria-autocomplete, aria-busy, aria-checked, aria-colcount, aria-colindex, aria-colspan, aria-controls, aria-current, aria-describedby, aria-details, aria-disabled, aria-dropeffect, aria-errormessage, aria-expanded, aria-flowto, aria-grabbed, aria-haspopup, aria-hidden, aria-invalid, aria-keyshortcuts, aria-label, aria-labelledby, aria-level, aria-live, aria-modal, aria-multiline, aria-multiselectable, aria-orientation, aria-owns, aria-placeholder, aria-posinset, aria-pressed, aria-readonly, aria-relevant, aria-required, aria-roledescription, aria-rowcount, aria-rowindex, aria-rowspan, aria-selected, aria-setsize, aria-sort, aria-valuemax, aria-valuemin, aria-valuenow, aria-valuetext, role

Usage notes

CategoriesGraphics element, Text content element
Permitted contentCharacter data and any number of the following elements, in any order:
Animation elements
Descriptive elements
Text content child elements


Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 2
# TextElement

Browser compatibility

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