The openCursor() method of the IDBObjectStore interface returns an IDBRequest object, and, in a separate thread, returns a new IDBCursorWithValue object. Used for iterating through an object store with a cursor.

To determine if the add operation has completed successfully, listen for the results's success event.

Note: This feature is available in Web Workers


openCursor(query, direction)


query Optional

A key or IDBKeyRange to be queried. If a single valid key is passed, this will default to a range containing only that key. If nothing is passed, this will default to a key range that selects all the records in this object store.

direction Optional

An IDBCursorDirection telling the cursor what direction to travel. Valid values are "next", "nextunique", "prev", and "prevunique". The default is "next".

Return value

An IDBRequest object on which subsequent events related to this operation are fired.


This method may raise a DOMException of one of the following types:

InvalidStateError DOMException

Thrown if this IDBObjectStore or IDBIndex has been deleted.

TransactionInactiveError DOMException

Thrown if this IDBObjectStore's transaction is inactive.

DataError DOMException

Thrown if the specified key or key range is invalid.


In this simple fragment we create a transaction, retrieve an object store, then use a cursor to iterate through all the records in the object store:

var transaction = db.transaction("name", "readonly");
var objectStore = transaction.objectStore("name");
var request = objectStore.openCursor();
request.onsuccess = function(event) {
  var cursor =;
  if(cursor) {
    // cursor.value contains the current record being iterated through
    // this is where you'd do something with the result
  } else {
    // no more results


Indexed Database API 3.0
# ref-for-dom-idbobjectstore-opencursor②

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