IDBObjectStore: name property

Note: This feature is available in Web Workers.

The name property of the IDBObjectStore interface indicates the name of this object store.


A string containing the object store's name.


There are a several exceptions that can occur when you attempt to change an object store's name.

InvalidStateError DOMException

Thrown if either the object store has been deleted or the current transaction is not an upgrade transaction; you can only rename indexes during upgrade transactions; that is, when the mode is versionchange.

TransactionInactiveError DOMException

Thrown if the current transaction is not active.

ConstraintError DOMException

Thrown if an object store is already using the specified name.


In the following code snippet, we open a read/write transaction on our database and add some data to an object store using add(). After the object store has been created, we log to the console. For a full working example, see our To-do Notifications app (>view example live).

// Let us open our database
const DBOpenRequest ="toDoList", 4);

DBOpenRequest.onsuccess = (event) => {
  note.innerHTML += "<li>Database initialized.</li>";

  // store the result of opening the database in the db variable.
  // This is used a lot below
  db = DBOpenRequest.result;

  // Run the addData() function to add the data to the database

function addData() {
  // Create a new object ready to insert into the IDB
  const newItem = [
      taskTitle: "Walk dog",
      hours: 19,
      minutes: 30,
      day: 24,
      month: "December",
      year: 2013,
      notified: "no",

  // open a read/write db transaction, ready for adding the data
  const transaction = db.transaction(["toDoList"], "readwrite");

  // report on the success of the transaction completing, when everything is done
  transaction.oncomplete = (event) => {
    note.innerHTML += "<li>Transaction completed.</li>";

  transaction.onerror = (event) => {
    note.innerHTML +=
      "<li>Transaction not opened due to error. Duplicate items not allowed.</li>";

  // create an object store on the transaction
  const objectStore = transaction.objectStore("toDoList");

  // Make a request to add our newItem object to the object store
  const objectStoreRequest = objectStore.add(newItem[0]);

  objectStoreRequest.onsuccess = (event) => {
    // report the success of our request
    note.innerHTML += "<li>Request successful.</li>";


Indexed Database API 3.0
# ref-for-dom-idbobjectstore-name①

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