The HTMLVideoElement method getVideoPlaybackQuality() creates and returns a VideoPlaybackQuality object containing metrics including how many frames have been lost.

The data returned can be used to evaluate the quality of the video stream.


videoPQ = videoElement.getVideoPlaybackQuality();

Return value

A VideoPlaybackQuality object providing information about the video element's current playback quality.


This example updates an element to indicate the total number of video frames that have elapsed so far in the playback process. This value includes any dropped or corrupted frames, so it's not the same as "total number of frames played."

var videoElem = document.getElementById("my_vid");
var counterElem = document.getElementById("counter");
var quality = videoElem.getVideoPlaybackQuality();

counterElem.innerText = quality.totalVideoFrames;


Specification Status Comment
Media Playback Quality
The definition of 'HTMLVideoElement.getVideoPlaybackQuality()' in that specification.
Editor's Draft Initial definition.

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