The inputType read-only property of the InputEvent interface returns the type of change made to editable content. Possible changes include for example inserting, deleting, and formatting text.


A string containing the type of input that was made. There are many possible values, such as insertText, deleteContentBackward, insertFromPaste, and formatBold. For a complete list of the available input types, see the Attributes section of the Input Events Level 1 spec.


This example logs the inputType for input events on an editable <div>.


<p id="log">Input type: </p>
<div contenteditable="true" style="margin: 20px;padding: 20px;border:2px dashed red;">
  <p>Some sample text. Try inserting line breaks, or deleting text in different ways, or pasting different content in.</p>
    <li>A sample</li>
  <p>Another paragraph.</p>


const log = document.getElementById('log');
const editable = document.querySelector('div[contenteditable]');
editable.addEventListener('input', logInputType);

function logInputType(event) {
  log.textContent = `Input type: ${event.inputType}`;


Try editing the text inside the <div> and see what happens.

Note: See also Masayuki Nakano's InputEvent test suite for a more detailed example.


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