Determine the captive portal state of the user's connection. A captive portal is a web page displayed when a user first connects to a Wi-Fi network. The user provides information or acts on the captive portal web page to gain broader access to network resources, such as accepting terms and conditions or making a payment.

To use this API you need to have the "captivePortal" permission.


captivePortal.canonicalURL (en-US)

Return the canonical URL of the captive-portal detection page. Read-only.


captivePortal.getLastChecked() (en-US)

Returns the time, in milliseconds, since the last request was completed.

captivePortal.getState() (en-US)

Returns the portal state as one of unknown, not_captive, unlocked_portal, or locked_portal.


captivePortal.onConnectivityAvailable (en-US)

Fires when the captive portal service determines that the user can connect to the internet.


Fires when the captive portal state changes.

Browser compatibility

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