DataView  udostępnia niskopoziowy interfejs do zapisu i odczytu typów numerycznych w formie ArrayBuffer niezależnie od kodowania platformy.


new DataView(buffer [, byteOffset [, byteLength]])


Istniejący ArrayBuffer lub SharedArrayBuffer Experimental używany jako pamięć dla  obiektu  DataView .
byteOffset Optional
The offset, in bytes, to the first byte in the specified buffer for the new view to reference. If not specified, the view of the buffer will start with the first byte.
byteLength Optional
The number of elements in the byte array. If unspecified, length of the view will match the buffer's length.

Return value

A new DataView object representing the specified data buffer.


Thrown if the byteOffset and byteLength result in the specified view extending past the end of the buffer.



Multi-byte number formats are represented in memory differently depending on machine architecture, see Endianness (en-US) for an explanation. DataView accessors provide explicit control of how data will be accessed irrespective of the platform architecture's endianness.

var littleEndian = (function() {
  var buffer = new ArrayBuffer(2);
  new DataView(buffer).setInt16(0, 256, true /* littleEndian */);
  // Int16Array uses the platform's endianness.
  return new Int16Array(buffer)[0] === 256;
console.log(littleEndian); // true or false


All DataView instances inherit from DataView.prototype (en-US) and allows the addition of properties to all DataView objects.





var buffer = new ArrayBuffer(16);
var dv = new DataView(buffer, 0);

dv.setInt16(1, 42);
dv.getInt16(1); //42


Specification Status Comment
Typed Array Specification Obsolete Superseded by ECMAScript 6
ECMAScript 2015 (6th Edition, ECMA-262)
The definition of 'DataView' in that specification.
Standard Initial definition in an ECMA standard
ECMAScript (ECMA-262)
The definition of 'DataView' in that specification.
Living Standard  

Browser compatibility

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Compatibility notes

Starting with Firefox 40, DataView requires to be constructed with a new operator. Calling DataView() as a function without new, will throw a TypeError from now on.

var dv = DataView(buffer, 0);
// TypeError: calling a builtin DataView constructor without new is forbidden
var dv = new DataView(buffer, 0);

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