The Intl.Locale.prototype.timeZones accessor property returns a list of supported time zones for the Locale.


Returns an array with supported time zones for the associated Locale, where each value is an IANA time zone canonical name, sorted in alphabetical order. If the locale identifier does not contain a region subtag, the returned value is undefined.


Obtaining supported time zones

List supported time zones for a given Locale.

const arEG = new Intl.Locale("ar-EG");
console.log(arEG.timeZones); // ["Africa/Cairo"]
const jaJP = new Intl.Locale("ja-JP");
console.log(jaJP.timeZones); // ["Asia/Tokyo"]
const ar = new Intl.Locale("ar");
console.log(ar.timeZones); // undefined


Intl Locale Info Proposal
# sec-Intl.Locale.prototype.timeZones

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