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The Intl.DurationFormat object enables language-sensitive duration formatting.



Creates a new Intl.DurationFormat object.

Static methods


Returns an array containing those of the provided locales that are supported without having to fall back to the runtime's default locale.

Instance properties

These properties are defined on Intl.DurationFormat.prototype and shared by all Intl.DurationFormat instances.


The constructor function that created the instance object. For Intl.DurationFormat instances, the initial value is the Intl.DurationFormat constructor.


The initial value of the @@toStringTag property is the string "Intl.DurationFormat". This property is used in Object.prototype.toString().

Instance methods


Getter function that formats a duration according to the locale and formatting options of this DurationFormat object.


Returns an Array of objects representing the formatted duration in parts.


Returns a new object with properties reflecting the locale and formatting options computed during initialization of the object.


Using Intl.DurationFormat

The examples below show how to use the Intl.DurationFormat object to format a duration object with various locales and styles.

const duration = {
  hours: 1,
  minutes: 46,
  seconds: 40,

// With style set to "long" and locale "fr-FR"
new Intl.DurationFormat("fr-FR", { style: "long" }).format(duration);
// "1 heure, 46 minutes et 40 secondes"

// With style set to "short" and locale "en"
new Intl.DurationFormat("en", { style: "short" }).format(duration);
// "1 hr, 46 min and 40 sec"

// With style set to "short" and locale "pt"
new Intl.DurationFormat("pt", { style: "narrow" }).format(duration);
// "1h 46min 40s"


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