The aria-haspopup attribute indicates the availability and type of interactive popup element that can be triggered by the element on which the attribute is set.


In ARIA, interactive menus, listboxes, trees, grids, and dialogs that appear on top of other content when triggered to appear are considered "popups". These popups are triggered by one or more interactive elements on the page. The availability and type of popup the interactive element will trigger should be identified with the aria-haspopup state.

The presence of the aria-haspopup, with one of six enumerated values - menu, listbox, tree, grid, dialog, or true - indicates the element can trigger a popup and what kind of popup will be displayed. In turn, the element that pops up must be of the role indicated. The value true is the same as menu. Any other value, including an empty string or other role, is treated as if false were set.

A tooltip is not considered to be a popup in this context, as it is not interactive.

Note: Make sure the role of the element that serves as the container for the popup content is a menu, listbox, tree, grid or dialog and that the value of aria-haspopup matches the role of the popup container.

The aria-haspopup state informs assistive technology users that there is a popup and the type of popup it is, but provides no interactivity. For the popup to be keyboard accessible, make sure the element with aria-haspopup is focusable and can trigger the popup, that there is a keyboard mechanism for opening the popup, and that the popup element manages focus of all its descendants.

Note: ARIA does not enable accessible functionality. ARIA only conveys the intended behavior of your functionality.

When creating a menubar, a parent menuitem should have aria-haspopup="menu" (or true) set. Any button that open a menu should have a role of button or, preferably, be a <button>, and also have aria-haspopup="menu" (or true) set. Tab elements with popup menus should also have aria-haspopup="menu" set. Note that menubars should not be used to create website navigation.

Note: Elements with role combobox have an implicit aria-haspopup value of listbox.


false (default)

The element does not have a popup.


The popup is a menu.

The popup is a menu.


The popup is a listbox.


The popup is a tree.


The popup is a grid.


The popup is a dialog.

Associated interfaces


The ariaHasPopup property, part of the Element interface, reflects the value of the aria-haspopup attribute, which indicates the availability and type of interactive popup element, such as menu or dialog, that can be triggered by an element.


The ariaHasPopup property of the ElementInternals interface reflects the value of the aria-haspopup attribute.

Associated roles


Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA)
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