XRWebGLDepthInformation: texture property

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The read-only texture property of the XRWebGLDepthInformation interface is a WebGLTexture containing depth buffer information as an opaque texture.



Use XRWebGLBinding.getDepthInformation() to obtain GPU depth information. The returned XRWebGLDepthInformation object will contain the texture buffer which can then be bound to a texture and depth buffer information can be made available to a WebGL fragment shader.

const depthInfo = glBinding.getDepthInformation(view);
const uvTransform = depthInfo.normDepthBufferFromNormView.matrix;

const u_DepthTextureLocation = gl.getUniformLocation(program, "u_DepthTexture");
const u_UVTransformLocation = gl.getUniformLocation(program, "u_UVTransform");
const u_RawValueToMeters = gl.getUniformLocation(program, "u_RawValueToMeters");

gl.bindTexture(gl.TEXTURE_2D, depthInfo.texture);
gl.uniform1i(u_DepthTextureLocation, 0);

// UV transform to correctly index into the depth map
gl.uniformMatrix4fv(u_UVTransformLocation, false, uvTransform);

// scaling factor to convert from the raw number to meters
gl.uniform1f(u_RawValueToMeters, depthInfo.rawValueToMeters);


WebXR Depth Sensing Module
# dom-xrwebgldepthinformation-texture

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