HTMLMetaElement: content property

The HTMLMetaElement.content property gets or sets the content attribute of pragma directives and named <meta> data in conjunction with or HTMLMetaElement.httpEquiv. For more information, see the content attribute.


A string.


Reading meta element content

The following example queries a <meta> element that contains a name attribute with the value of keywords. The content value is logged to the console to display the keywords of the document:

// given <meta name="keywords" content="documentation, HTML, web">
let meta = document.querySelector("meta[name='keywords']");
// "documentation, HTML, web"

Creating a meta element with content

The following example creates a new <meta> element with a name attribute set to description. The content attribute sets a description of the document and is appended to the document <head>:

let meta = document.createElement("meta"); = "description";
meta.content =
  "The <meta> element can be used to provide document metadata in terms of name-value pairs, with the name attribute giving the metadata name, and the content attribute giving the value.";


HTML Standard
# dom-meta-content

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