HTMLInputElement: webkitEntries property

The read-only webkitEntries property of the HTMLInputElement interface contains an array of file system entries (as objects based on FileSystemEntry) representing files and/or directories selected by the user using an <input> element of type file, but only if that selection was made using drag-and-drop: selecting a file in the dialog will leave the property empty.

The array can only contain directories if the webkitdirectory property is true. This means the <input> element was configured to let the user choose directories.

Note: This property is called webkitEntries in the specification due to its origins as a Google Chrome-specific API. It's likely to be renamed someday.


An array of objects based on FileSystemEntry, each representing one file which is selected in the <input> element. More specifically, files are represented by FileSystemFileEntry objects, and, if they're allowed, directories are represented by FileSystemDirectoryEntry objects.


This example shows how to create a file selection <input> element and process the selected files.


<input id="files" type="file" multiple />


document.getElementById("files").addEventListener("change", (event) => { => {
    /* do stuff with the entry */

Each time a change event occurs, this code iterates over the selected files, obtaining their FileSystemEntry-based objects and acting on them.


File and Directory Entries API
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