HTMLInputElement: popoverTargetElement property

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The popoverTargetElement property of the HTMLInputElement interface gets and sets the popover element to control via an <input> element of type="button".

It is the JavaScript equivalent of the popovertarget HTML attribute.


A reference to a popover element in the DOM.


function supportsPopover() {
  return HTMLElement.prototype.hasOwnProperty("popover");

const popover = document.getElementById("mypopover");
const toggleBtn = document.getElementById("toggleBtn");

const popoverSupported = supportsPopover();

if (popoverSupported) {
  popover.popover = "auto";
  toggleBtn.popoverTargetElement = popover;
  toggleBtn.popoverTargetAction = "toggle";
} else {
  console.log("Popover API not supported.");


HTML Standard
# dom-popovertargetelement

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