HTMLElement: draggable property

The draggable property of the HTMLElement interface gets and sets a Boolean primitive indicating if the element is draggable.

It reflects the value of the draggable HTML global attribute.


A Boolean primitive that is true if the element is draggable, false otherwise.


The following example shows how to enable or disable the element's ability to drag via script:

const draggableElement = document.querySelector(".draggable-element");
const notDraggableElement = document.querySelector(".not-draggable-element");

// enable the target element's ability to drag
if (!draggableElement.draggable) {
  draggableElement.draggable = true;

// disable the target element's ability to drag
if (notDraggableElement.draggable) {
  notDraggableElement.draggable = false;


HTML Standard
# dom-draggable

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