The DataTransferItem object represents one drag data item. During a drag operation, each drag event has a dataTransfer property which contains a list of drag data items. Each item in the list is a DataTransferItem object.

This interface has no constructor.

Instance properties

DataTransferItem.kind Read only

The kind of drag data item, string or file.

DataTransferItem.type Read only

The drag data item's type, typically a MIME type.

Instance methods


Returns the File object associated with the drag data item (or null if the drag item is not a file).

DataTransferItem.getAsFileSystemHandle() Experimental

Returns a FileSystemFileHandle if the dragged item is a file, or a FileSystemDirectoryHandle if the dragged item is a directory.


Invokes the specified callback with the drag data item string as its argument.


Returns an object based on FileSystemEntry representing the selected file's entry in its file system. This will generally be either a FileSystemFileEntry or FileSystemDirectoryEntry object.


All of this interface's methods and properties have their own reference page, and each reference page has an example of its usage.


HTML Standard
# the-datatransferitem-interface

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