The DOMPoint() constructor creates and returns a new DOMPoint object, given the values for some or all of its properties.

You can also create a DOMPoint by calling the DOMPoint.fromPoint() static function. That function accepts as input a DOMPointInit compatible object, including a DOMPoint or DOMPointReadOnly.


point = new DOMPoint(x, y, z, w);


x Optional
The x coordinate for the new DOMPoint.
y Optional
The y coordinate for the new DOMPoint.
z Optional
The z coordinate for the new DOMPoint.
w Optional
The perspective value of the new DOMPoint.


This example creates a DOMPoint representing the top-left corner of the current window, then creates a second point based on the first, which is then offset by 100 pixels both vertically and horizontally.

var windTopLeft = new DOMPoint(window.screenX, window.screenY);
var newTopLeft = DOMPoint.fromPoint(windTopLeft);
newTopLeft.x += 100;
newTopLeft.y += 100;


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