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    SVG elements


    Animation elements

    <animate>, <animatecolor>, <animatemotion>, <animatetransform>, <mpath>, <set>

    Basic shapes

    <circle>, <ellipse>, <line>, <polygon>, <polyline>, <rect>

    Container elements

    <a>, <defs>, <glyph>, <g>, <marker>, <mask>, <missing-glyph>, <pattern>, <svg>, <switch>, <symbol>

    Descriptive elements

    <desc>, <metadata>, <title>

    Filter primitive elements

    <feblend>, <fecolormatrix>, <fecomponenttransfer>, <fecomposite>, <feconvolvematrix>, <fediffuselighting>, <fedisplacementmap>, <feflood>,<fefunca>, <fefuncb>, <fefuncg>, <fefuncr>,<fegaussianblur>, <feimage>, <femerge>, <femergenode>, <femorphology>, <feoffset>, <fespecularlighting>, <fetile>, <feturbulence>

    Font elements

    <font>, <font-face>, <font-face-format>, <font-face-name>, <font-face-src>, <font-face-uri>, <hkern>, <vkern>

    Gradient elements

    <lineargradient>, <radialgradient>, <stop>

    Graphics elements

    <circle>, <ellipse>, <image>, <line>, <path>, <polygon>, <polyline>, <rect>, <text>, <use>

    Light source elements

    <fedistantlight>, <fepointlight>, <fespotlight>

    Shape elements

    <circle>, <ellipse>, <line>, <path>, <polygon>, <polyline>, <rect>

    Structural elements

    <defs>, <g>, <svg>, <symbol>, <use>

    Text content elements

    <altglyph>, <altglyphdef>, <altglyphitem>, <glyph>, <glyphref>, <textpath>, <text>, <tref>, <tspan>

    Text content child elements

    <altglyph>, <textpath>, <tref>, <tspan>

    Uncategorized elements

    <clippath>, <color-profile>, <cursor>, <filter>, <foreignobject>, <script>, <style>, <view>

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