The color-interpolation-filters attribute specifies the color space for imaging operations performed via filter effects.

Note: This property just has an affect on filter operations. Therefore, it has no effect on filter primitives like <feOffset>, <feImage>, <feTile> or <feFlood>.

color-interpolation-filters has a different initial value than color-interpolation. color-interpolation-filters has an initial value of linearRGB, whereas color-interpolation has an initial value of sRGB. Thus, in the default case, filter effects operations occur in the linearRGB color space, whereas all other color interpolations occur by default in the sRGB color space.

It has no affect on filter functions, which operate in the sRGB color space.

Note: As a presentation attribute, color-interpolation-filters can be used as a CSS property.

You can use this attribute with the following SVG elements:

Usage notes

Value auto | sRGB | linearRGB
Default value linearRGB
Animatable discrete

Indicates that the user agent can choose either the sRGB or linearRGB spaces for color interpolation. This option indicates that the author doesn't require that color interpolation occur in a particular color space.


Indicates that color interpolation should occur in the sRGB color space.


Indicates that color interpolation should occur in the linearized RGB color space as described in the sRGB specification.


Filter Effects Module Level 1
# ColorInterpolationFiltersProperty

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