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The filterUnits attribute defines the coordinate system for the attributes {{SVGAttr("x")}}, {{SVGAttr("y")}}, {{SVGAttr("width")}} and {{SVGAttr("height")}}.

Only one element is using this attribute: {{SVGElement("filter")}}

Usage notes

Value userSpaceOnUse | objectBoundingBox
Default value objectBoundingBox
Animatable Yes
{{SVGAttr("x")}}, {{SVGAttr("y")}}, {{SVGAttr("width")}} and {{SVGAttr("height")}} represent values in the current coordinate system that results from taking the current user coordinate system in place at the time when the {{SVGElement("filter")}} element is referenced (i.e., the user coordinate system for the element referencing the {{SVGElement("filter")}} element via a {{SVGAttr("filter")}} attribute).
In that case, {{SVGAttr("x")}}, {{SVGAttr("y")}}, {{SVGAttr("width")}} and {{SVGAttr("height")}} represent fractions or percentages of the bounding box on the referencing element.


Specification Status Comment
{{SpecName("Filters 1.0", "#element-attrdef-filter-filterunits", "filterUnits")}} {{Spec2("Filters 1.0")}} Initial definition
{{SpecName("SVG1.1", "filters.html#FilterElementFilterUnitsAttribute", "filterUnits")}} {{Spec2("SVG1.1")}} Initial definition

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