The azimuth attribute specifies the direction angle for the light source on the XY plane (clockwise), in degrees from the x axis.

Only one element is using this attribute: <feDistantLight>

<svg viewBox="0 0 440 200" xmlns="">
  <filter id="distantLight1">
      <feDistantLight azimuth="0" />
  <filter id="distantLight2">
      <feDistantLight azimuth="240" />

  <circle cx="100" cy="100" r="80" style="filter: url(#distantLight1);" />
  <circle cx="100" cy="100" r="80" style="filter: url(#distantLight2); transform: translateX(240px);" />

Usage notes

Value <number>
Default value 0
Animatable Yes


Browser compatibility

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