Learning area release notes

This page details significant changes made to the learning area. Check back here if you want to know what new content is available, and what existing content has been improved.

If you want to give feedback on any of these new additions, please leave comments in our Discourse forum.

January 2020

The HTML forms module has been significantly updated:

  • It has been retitled Web forms, and moved out of the HTML topic area to recognise that it covers more than just HTML form elements β€” it also covers styling, validation, the basics of how to send data and process it on the server, and more besides.
  • It has new examples available and techniques covered.
  • It has a new structure to make for a more effective learning experience.

More "Test your skills" sections have been added. You can see these on:

December 2019

We are prototyping adding a new type of assessment article to the learning area β€” "Test your skills" β€” which will offer several short questions aimed at rapidly testing whether you understood what is going on. This is in addition to the longer Assessment articles that you'll find in some of the learning modules already. You will find these new articles linked in "Test your skills" sections at the bottom of relevant articles. You can see these on: