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Applies a change to the current selection or cursor position, using simple textual commands.

Note: This method is based on the WebKit method of the same name.


sel.modify(alter, direction, granularity)


The type of change to apply. Specify "move" to move the current cursor position or "extend" to extend the current selection.
The direction in which to adjust the current selection. You can specify "forward" or "backward" to adjust in the appropriate direction based on the language at the selection point. If you want to adjust in a specific direction, you can specify "left" or "right".
The distance to adjust the current selection or cursor position. You can move by "character", "word", "sentence", "line", "paragraph", "lineboundary", "sentenceboundary", "paragraphboundary", or "documentboundary".
Note: Gecko does not implement "sentence", "paragraph", "sentenceboundary", "paragraphboundary", or "documentboundary".

Note: Starting in Gecko 5.0, the "word" granularity no longer includes the following space, regardless of the default platform behavior. This makes the behavior more consistent, as well as making it work the same way WebKit used to work, but unfortunately they have recently changed their behavior.


To extend the current text selection to include the next word:

var selection = window.getSelection();
selection.modify("extend", "forward", "word");

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