This competency shows you are skilled at crafting interactive Web experiences. To help you understand the various parts of the technology stack, we broke this competency down into detailed sub-skills:

Basic skills

Start here if you're unfamiliar with the Web. We also suggest you turn to our glossary for help understanding Web jargon.

Whereas HTML only specifies content structure, another major Web technology called CSS specifies how the content should look.
Discover browser developer tools
The devtools live inside your browser in a subwindow that looks roughly like this:
HTML is a major Web technology that defines the structure of a webpage. If you're looking to build websites, you should know about HTML.
JavaScript is a major Web technology that provides interactivity and special effects to webpages.
Opening a file in a browser
This article shows you how to open files in your Web browser, and how to do it the right way.
Set up a basic working environment
Especially when working on your first web project, you'll want to test it locally before you show it to the world. You can do this by setting up a local server. We'll also cover how to put a scalable structure in place so that your files stay organized even when your project gets big.

Intermediate skills

Once you get used to the Web, here are some details you can dive into:

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Advance skills

If you are an experienced web author, you might be interested in some specific or uncommon skills.

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