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    Whereas HTML only specifies content structure, another major Web technology called CSS specifies how the content should look.

    CSS stands for Cascading style sheet. You can write CSS code inside <style> tags, but you normally write separate .css files so you can reuse styling information. CSS uses selectors to apply styles to HTML elements. We suggest you start with the following pages to pick up some skills and learn how to use CSS properly. Pick a page that looks interesting to you. If you don't know where to start, move from the first basic skill to the last advanced skill.

    The basics

    Start here if you aren't familiar with CSS:

    What CSS properties are & how to use them
    This article explains how to use selectors and apply CSS properties to HTML elements.
    Basic text styling in CSS
    Styling text is one easy application of CSS. Learn how in this article.
    Using CSS in a webpage
    Knowing CSS is one thing, but you also need to make it play well with HTML. The article explains how.

    In depth

    Once you get used to working with CSS, here are some details to explore:

    CSS Reference
    An exhaustive reference for seasoned Web developers describing every CSS property and concept.


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