ReferenceError() constructor

The ReferenceError object represents an error when a non-existent variable is referenced.


new ReferenceError()
new ReferenceError(message)
new ReferenceError(message, options)
new ReferenceError(message, fileName)
new ReferenceError(message, fileName, lineNumber)

ReferenceError(message, options)
ReferenceError(message, fileName)
ReferenceError(message, fileName, lineNumber)

Note: ReferenceError() can be called with or without new. Both create a new ReferenceError instance.


message Optional

Human-readable description of the error.

options Optional

An object that has the following properties:

cause Optional

A property indicating the specific cause of the error. When catching and re-throwing an error with a more-specific or useful error message, this property can be used to pass the original error.

fileName Optional Non-standard

The name of the file containing the code that caused the exception.

lineNumber Optional Non-standard

The line number of the code that caused the exception


Catching a ReferenceError

try {
  let a = undefinedVariable
} catch (e) {
  console.log(e instanceof ReferenceError)  // true
  console.log(e.message)                    // "undefinedVariable is not defined"
  console.log(                       // "ReferenceError"
  console.log(e.fileName)                   // "Scratchpad/1"
  console.log(e.lineNumber)                 // 2
  console.log(e.columnNumber)               // 6
  console.log(e.stack)                      // "@Scratchpad/2:2:7\n"

Creating a ReferenceError

try {
  throw new ReferenceError('Hello', 'someFile.js', 10)
} catch (e) {
  console.log(e instanceof ReferenceError)  // true
  console.log(e.message)                    // "Hello"
  console.log(                       // "ReferenceError"
  console.log(e.fileName)                   // "someFile.js"
  console.log(e.lineNumber)                 // 10
  console.log(e.columnNumber)               // 0
  console.log(e.stack)                      // "@Scratchpad/2:2:9\n"


ECMAScript Language Specification
# sec-nativeerror-constructors

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