The Intl.Locale.prototype.maximize() method gets the most likely values for the language, script, and region of the locale based on existing values.



Return value

A Locale instance whose baseName property returns the result of the Add Likely Subtags algorithm executed against locale.baseName


Sometimes, it is convenient to be able to identify the most likely locale language identifier subtags based on an incomplete langauage ID. The Add Likely Subtags algorithm gives us this functionality. For instance, given the language ID "en", the algorithm would return "en-Latn-US", since English can only be written in the Latin script, and is most likely to be used in the United States, as it is the largest English-speaking country in the world. This functionality is provided to JavaScript programmers via the maximize() method. maximize() only affects the main subtags that comprise the language identifier: language, script, and region subtags. Other subtags after the "-u" in the locale indentifier are called extension subtags and are not affected by the maximize() method. Examples of these subtags include Locale.hourCycleLocale.calendar, and Locale.numeric.


let myLocale = new Intl.Locale("fr", {hourCycle: "h24", calendar: "gregory"});
console.log(myLocale.baseName); // Prints "fr"
console.log(myLocale.toString()); // Prints "fr-u-ca-gregory-hc-h24"
let myLocMaximized = myLocale.maximize();

// Prints "fr-Latn-FR". The "Latn" and "FR" tags are added,
//since French is only written in the Latin script and is most likely to be spoken in France.

// Prints "fr-Latn-FR-u-ca-gregory-hc-h24". Notice that the extension tags (after "-u") remain unchanged.


Specification Status Comment
Intl.Locale.prototype.maximize proposal

Browser compatibility

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