The Intl.Locale.prototype.weekInfo property is an accessor property which returns a weekInfo object with the properties firstDay, weekend and minimalDays for the associated Locale.


Returns the Locale information associated with the Locale data specified in UTS 35's Week Elements..


Obtaining the Week Information

Return the week information for a given Locale.

const he = new Intl.Locale("he");
console.log(he.weekInfo); // logs {firstDay: 7, weekend: [5, 6], minimalDays: 1}

const af = new Intl.Locale("af");
console.log(af.weekInfo); // logs {firstDay: 7, weekend: [6, 7], minimalDays: 1}

const enGB = new Intl.Locale("en-GB");
console.log(enGB.weekInfo) // logs {firstDay: 1, weekend: [6, 7], minimalDays: 4}

const msBN = new Intl.Locale("ms-BN");
console.log(msBN.weekInfo) // logs {firstDay: 7, weekend: [5, 7], minimalDays: 1}  // Brunei weekend is Friday and Sunday but not Saturday


Intl Locale Info Proposal
# sec-Intl.Locale.prototype.weekInfo

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