The aria-colindextext attribute defines a human-readable text alternative of the numeric aria-colindex.


When you have a very large table or when you purposefully want to display just a section of a table, not all columns may be present in the DOM. When this happens, we use the aria-colcount with an integer value to define how many columns the table (or grid) would have if all the columns were present and add the aria-colindex property on each column to provide information on the column index within that larger table.

In the following HTML snippet, our table has 8 columns, but we are only displaying 4. The "city" column is the fifth column of our larger table, as defined by aria-colindex="5".

<table aria-colcount="8">
      <th aria-colindex="1" scope="col">First name</th>
      <th aria-colindex="2" scope="col">Last name</th>
      <th aria-colindex="5" scope="col">City</th>
      <th aria-colindex="7" scope="col">Zip</th>

This table is not very complex. Had this been a 100+ column spreadsheet or a grid without column headers, such as a chess board, the provided or calculated value of aria-colindex might not be meaningful or may not reflect the displayed index. When this is the case, aria-colindextext can be included. The value is a string that is a human-readable text alternative to the numeric aria-colindex.

<table aria-colcount="128">
      <th aria-colindex="1" aria-colindextext="NYSE stock symbol" scope="col">
        aria-colindextext="Value at start of 2021"
        aria-colindextext="Value at start of 2022"
      <th aria-colindex="124" scope="col">Recommendation</th>

In the above example, the table has 128 columns of which only 4 columns are shown. The aria-colindextext is used in three columns to provide human-readable text alternatives. By including aria-colindextext="Value at start of 2021", assistive technologies can announce "Value at start of 2021" instead of "Column 110".

Only use aria-colindextext when the provided or calculated value of aria-colindex is not meaningful or does not reflect the displayed index. Whenever you include aria-colindextext, also keep the aria-colindex as some assistive technologies rely on the numeric column index for the purpose of keeping track of the user's position and in providing alternative table navigation.

Note: While aria-colindex can be added to a row when all the columns present are contiguous as sequential values can be deduced, aria-colindextext is NOT a supported property of row.

See related aria-rowindextext.


  • <string>
    • The human-readable text alternative of the numeric aria-colindex

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Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA)
# aria-colindextext

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