XRRenderState: layers property

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The read-only layers property of the XRRenderState interface is an ordered array containing XRLayer objects that are displayed by the XR compositor.


An ordered array containing XRLayer objects. The order of the layers is "back-to-front".


Getting render state layers

To read the WebXR layers array, use the layers property on XRRenderState. Layers can be set using the XRSession.updateRenderState() method.

const xrSession = navigator.xr.requestSession("immersive-ar", {
  optionalFeatures: ["layers"],

function onXRSessionStarted(xrSession) {
  const glCanvas = document.createElement("canvas");
  const gl = glCanvas.getContext("webgl", { xrCompatible: true });
  const xrGlBinding = new XRWebGLBinding(xrSession, gl);
  const projectionLayer = new XRWebGLLayer(xrSession, gl);
  const quadLayer = xrGlBinding.createQuadLayer({
    pixelWidth: 1024,
    pixelHeight: 1024,

    layers: [projectionLayer, quadLayer],

  xrSession.renderState.layers; // [projectionLayer, quadLayer]


WebXR Layers API Level 1
# dom-xrrenderstate-layers

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